Be A Guardian

We are always looking for new Graveyard Guardians to bring fresh ideas and skills to the network.

There are volunteers Transcribing Monuments at Springbank

Volunteers are photographing headstones and uploading them on the facebook page, sometimes adding researched stories. 

Volunteers are also transcribing Trinity Cemetery Broadhill side

Some people going on Grave Walks

Others making Graveyard Video and Podcast Talks

Photography Group

Some take photos and upload them onto our facebook pages for others to enjoy.

Aberdeen Remembers 

 Anne Park always welcomes new information to add to her ever growing WWI database and frequently adds information to the Aberdeen Remembers facebook page.

Norman Wood is continuing to develop the World War II  database which was started in 2019. If you would like to help with the research or ensure your family names are included please link with the Aberdeen Remembers Facebook page or email

If there is interest a Facebook chat can be arranged occasionally through out the year

Share stories on Facebook pages
All our Facebook pages, rely on people uploading photos and stories of the local cemeteries. These can be historical interest or accidental deaths or gravestones because you like the shape of them or the inscription on them. There are no limitations, upload anything you feel you are interested in and may be of interest to others.

We have organised two talks one by David Oswald and another by Ian Burnett both were very successful and we hope that in the future other talks may be arranged.

There are 2 websites that have pictures and inscription details of graves around the world. On them you can find all of Aberdeen’s Cemeteries.

 Find A grave go to 

Billion Graves go to

These websites often have requests for people to find ancestral graves. We encourage folk to accept the specific requests from Find A grave and Billion graves as it gives another route to connecting with ancestors. It would be great if every grave in every cemetery in Aberdeen was made available on these sites.

To be a volunteer for Find A grave go to  or Billion Graves go to